Silver Tears of the Mournland

A Journey to the Ancient Lands 3

The Lower Docks, Port of Valsina, Vintara

Morning light shone over the bustling lower docks as a diminuitive pair left the ramshackle confines of the Red Dragon Inn. Kasper glanced around the streets, frowning to himself as the faithful Lucidians returned to their chores after morning service. The gnome gingerly rubbed the stiffness out of his lower back and muttered about the spongy pile of mouldy straw that the innkeeper had generously called a ‘mattress’.

Kasper glanced at his new companion and guide for the upcoming portion of his journey. The slender, short-statured lizard man Ssibliss seemed unfazed by the experience of a night in the dank dock-side inn. In fact, Kasper suspected by a pile of rat bones that he spotted in the hallway that the lizard man had made the most out of the rat infestation that plagued the building.

Ssibliss chirped quietly to himself as they navigated the knots of fisherman, labourers and sailors that crowded the dockside. At least on the docks you do not see many of the priests who seem to crowd onto every other square inch of this small theocratic island nation, Kasper thought to himself. With the ship only a few hours from departing he was able to breathe a sigh of relief. It seemed that he had managed to avoid any entanglements with the authorities here. It was a blessing for the Lucidians were famous for their disdain of those who practiced The Art.

Ssibliss gestured towards a double-masted galley in sloup nearby. The lizard man had booked passage on the vessel, though at a steep rate. As the pair approached the dock Kasper groaned inwardly. A pair of tonsured Lucidian monks in their plain grey robes were shaking hands with the captain. Next to them stood a tall, dark-haired Lantern Knight in the black sircoat with the golden lantern emblazoned on the chest.

“Well,” the invisible, disembodied skull of Thelaspin said as he floated next to Kasper, “this should make the voyage interesting.”


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